Play in 90,000 gallons of water!

Pilot your own Bumper Boat!

Bumper Boats are smooth riding and safe for all ages.

Fun the whole family can enjoy.

We don't see just one person riding around - the whole family gets involved and has fun out in the water. You may get splashed!


Open Mon-Fri, 11 to 6!

Sat:10-7, Sun:10-6

Closed Wed.

Closed Sept 11th to Sept 15th Open Sat 16th AT 10:00

Lake Paradise

We have 90,000 gallons of re-circulating water that feeds the Lake and provides water hazards for the golf course as well. 6 other water fountains adorn the complex.


Bumper Boats

8 minute rides

Single - $6.75

With Extra Person - $8.00

With two Extra - $9.25